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Gene by Gene Selects Othram as Exclusive Partner for Forensic Genetic Genealogy Search and Analysis

Partnership is a force multiplier for forensic investigations, combining Gene by Gene’s genetic genealogy database for law enforcement, with Othram’s purpose-built forensic analysis tools.

The Woodlands, TX — January 23, 2024

Gene by Gene, a leader in genetic genealogy testing and operator of the FamilyTreeDNA brand, today announced its decision to select Othram, the pioneer in forensic DNA sequencing, as its exclusive partner for forensic genetic genealogy search and analysis. This strategic alliance is a force multiplier for forensic investigations, combining Gene by Gene’s consented database with Othram’s purpose-built forensic analysis tools.

Gene by Gene’s forensic matching database is the largest database in the world consented for law enforcement use to solve violent crimes. Over the past several years, Othram has helped law enforcement crack cases at the local, state, and federal level, many of which had been unsolved for decades. More forensic genetic genealogy (FGG) cases have been solved with Othram’s technology than any other method.

Under the terms of the new partnership, FGG analysts will be able to leverage Othram’s forensic search algorithms and analysis tools, to maximize sensitivity in detecting genetic matches to forensic samples. The partnership underscores a shared commitment to enhancing database search capabilities to help solve the most complex cases, including those involving DNA profiles generated from highly degraded or damaged DNA or DNA profiles generated from DNA mixtures.

Gene by Gene’s and Othram’s partnership will further catalyze the development of new, innovative tools designed specifically for forensic applications. These advancements will streamline and accelerate case resolutions using forensic genetic genealogy search.

“Our partnership with Othram marks a pivotal moment in scaling forensic genetic genealogy," said Dr Lior Rauchberger, CEO of Gene by Gene. “By combining our consented database with Othram’s state-of- the-art technology, we are setting a new benchmark for the rapid, efficient, and precise resolution of unsolved cold and contemporary cases.”

Gene by Gene and Othram have an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of data protection, security, and privacy. The paramount importance of safeguarding sensitive information is at the forefront of our mission. New tools and functionality will be implemented and deployed in such a way that prioritizes the utmost protection of customer data.

About Othram

Othram is the world’s first private DNA laboratory built specifically to apply the power of modern parallel sequencing to forensic evidence. Othram’s scientists are experts at recovery, enrichment, and analysis of human DNA from trace quantities of degraded or contaminated materials. Founded in 2018, and located in The Woodlands, Texas, our team works with academic researchers, forensic scientists, medical examiners, and law enforcement agencies to achieve results when other approaches fail. Follow Othram on Twitter @OthramTech or visit Othram.com to learn how we can help you with your case. Visit dnasolves.com to learn how anyone can make a difference in helping solve the next cold case.

About Gene by Gene

Founded in 2000, Gene by Gene, Ltd. pioneered the direct-to-consumer genetic genealogy industry and now provides genetic testing services to a wide range of consumers and institutional customers through its four divisions focusing on ancestry, health, research, and paternity. Gene by Gene is a CAP/CLIA/NYSDOH accredited laboratory and, through its clinical health division, offers health, wellness, and regulated diagnostic testing services. The privately held company is headquartered in Houston, TX and is a wholly owned subsidiary of MYDNA INC. To learn more, visit www.genebygene.com.

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