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Bring resolution to unsolved cases and answers for victims and their families.

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Are you the key link to solving a case?

Traditional forensic methods can be shockingly ineffective at solving crimes. But for the first time, advanced DNA technology allows anyone to play a vital role in bringing resolution to the hundreds of thousands of unsolved crime cases in the US.


Unsolved homicides
This number grows yearly, as more unsolved homicides are added, while only 50% are solved.


Unidentified human remains/victims
These cases are rarely identified using the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) alone.


Sexual assault kits do not identify the assailant
More than half of the tested sexual assault kits do not identify a suspect.

Image of a sonar screen, analogous to a DNA search. Relatives are depicted at various distances. Image of a sonar screen, analogous to a DNA search. Relatives are depicted at various distances.

How you
can help.

It’s easy—and safe—to submit your at-home DNA test kit. We’ll use your information as a single data point that could help connect the dots to solve a crime or reunite an unidentified person with their family.

When you upload your DNA data, your specific genetic information isn’t disclosed. Your data are used to help law enforcement better home in on a suspect or unidentified person, kind of like sonar for solving crimes.

Your privacy
is our priority.

We know submitting your DNA means you're trusting us with important personal information. We take that trust seriously, and make protecting your privacy our number one priority.

We never allow public search or matching against your DNA profile.

Your DNA profile is used exclusively to aid in solving cases.

You can withdraw your information from the database at any time.

A hero just like
you helped
solve this case.

Betty Scalf at a police press conference

At 84, Betty Scalf feared she’d never know who brutally murdered her daughter. But as she was preparing for the 37th anniversary of her daughter’s death, she got a life changing call from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Because of the public genetic database, they’d finally identified the killer, who was a former neighbor.

By allowing your DNA to be a part of this database, you could help solve the next cold case.

Be a hero

by DNA.

Pennsylvania State Police

In 1992, a murdered man’s remains were discovered in Lancaster County, PA. His identity was a mystery for over three decades.

Orange County Sheriff's Office

In December 2003, a murdered woman’s remains were discovered in Christmas, Florida. Her identity was a mystery for two decades.

Montgomery County Police Department

In May 2001, Leslie Preer was murdered in Chevy Chase, Maryland. A suspect was not identified for more than two decades.

Harford County Sheriff's Office

In August 2023, Rachel Morin was raped and murdered in Baltimore, Maryland. Morin’s murder went unsolved for ten months.

Orange County Sheriff's Department

In 1983, remains of a murdered woman were discovered in California. Despite investigative efforts, she went unidentified for 41 years.

Fairfax County Police Department

A man sexually assaulted three women in 1998, 2000, and 2004. Despite extensive efforts to identify him, the cases went cold.

Benton County Coroner’s Office

In 1986, the remains of a woman were discovered in the Columbia River. Despite identification efforts, the case went cold.

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How is my DNA profile used?

Your DNA profile is used exclusively to aid human investigations to help solve cases that otherwise could not be solved. We never allow public search or matching against your DNA profile and whenever use your profile for other purposes, such as medical research.

Is my DNA profile secure?

We use advanced security and encryption safeguards to protect your DNA profile.

What happens once you receive my DNA or profile?

We will add your DNA profile to our DNA registry. Your DNA profile will not be returned to you (if you upload it to us) or provided to you (if we create it from your DNA sample).

Can I remove my DNA profile?

Whether you upload a profile or send us your swab kit, you can request removal of your DNA profile at any time.

What if my DNA has already been tested?

If you’ve already taken a consumer DNA test from another DNA testing company, you can download your raw DNA data from that service and then upload it to us at no charge.

Who may my identity be revealed to?

Your identity may be revealed to law enforcement, judicial system members, and associated partner agencies working to solve a case.