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Forensic-Grade Genome Sequencing® KinSNP® Rapid Familial Relationship Testing DNASolves® Genetic Database
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KinSNP® Priority Service for Rapid Relationship Testing

KinSNP® allows investigators to infer kinship in closely and distantly related individuals, combining the speed of traditional forensic STR testing, with the power of advanced SNP testing.

Solve your case

Key benefits

Accelerate Solves

Rapid confirmation or exclusion of relationships between an unknown person and potential relatives. Test fewer candidates and get results in days not months.

Maximize Sensitivity

Using the power of tens of thousands of SNP markers, enable sensitive and accurate determination of kinship for even distantly related individuals.

Protect Privacy

The entire laboratory and analysis process can be performed in-house — without accessing online genealogical databases — maximizing privacy and security.