KinSNP® Rapid Familial Relationship Testing

KinSNP® Priority
Service for Rapid
Relationship Testing

Developed by Othram, KinSNP® allows investigators to infer kinship in closely and distantly related individuals, combining the speed of traditional forensic STR testing, with the power of advanced SNP testing.

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Accelerate Solves

Rapid confirmation or exclusion of relationships between an unknown person and potential relatives. Protect privacy, test fewer candidates and get results in days not months.

Maximize Sensitivity

Using the power of tens of thousands of SNP markers, enable sensitive and accurate measurement of kinship for even distantly related individuals.

Protect Privacy

The entire process is performed in-house, laboratory to analysis, without accessing online genealogical databases or tools — maximizing privacy and security.


Michigan State Police

In 2009, remains of an unidentified man were discovered in Michigan. Despite investigative efforts, his identity could not be determined.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

In 1979, the remains of a woman were found in California. Despite exhaustive efforts to identify her, the case went cold.

Mississippi Office of the State Medical Examiner

In 2022, skeletal remains of an unidentified individual were discovered in Mississippi. The individual could not be identified.

Utah Department of Public Safety

In 2014, the remains of an unidentified man were found in Utah. Despite attempts to identify him, the case went cold.

Mississippi Office of the State Medical Examiner

In 2022, the Mississippi Office of the State Medical Examiner gained custody of skeletal remains of an unknown man.

San Mateo County Coroner’s Office

In January 2023, an unidentified male was found in California. With no clues to the man's identity, investigators were unable to identify him.

Lincoln County Coroner's Office

In 1978, a woman's body was found in Missouri. Despite extensive efforts, authorities were unable to identify her.

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