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Justice through

Othram is the first technology company to apply all the
power of modern sequencing and genomics to forensics.

How we help

We unravel genomes so you can solve cases.

We're moving forensic DNA applications for law enforcement into the 21st century. We’ll help you solve cold cases as well as high priority ongoing investigations. We work with the military, law enforcement, private investigators, historians, and forensic scholars to identify human remains. No one is better at extracting value from difficult samples.

Othram launches a new service pairing our proprietary Forensic-Grade Genome Sequencing™ with genealogy to help solve previously unsolvable cases.

Construction workers kept uncovering human remains and unmarked graves during excavation in the early stages of a project for Fort Bend’s Independent School District, near Houston.

Get the most
from your DNA

Why target only a handful of identification markers when you can leverage the whole genome? We use a proprietary approach, Forensic-Grade Genome Sequencing™, to decipher a comprehensive genome profile that is far superior to traditional forensic markers. We are experts at recovery and amplification of DNA from small quantity or degraded samples.

Identification and


About us

Othram operates at the intersection of molecular biology, population genetics, and bioinformatics. Bridging 20th-century population genetics and 21st-century computational genomics, we generate insights at scale for customers.

Our team includes leading scientists and engineers at the frontier of genomics — using cutting edge laboratory techniques and computational algorithms to extract the most value from sequenced human genomes. From the lab bench, to the cloud, and finally to your desktop, our team gives you actionable information that cannot be obtained from any other source. These capabilities sound like science fiction, but they are science fact.